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Investments Production 2018

In the coming year, we will fundamentally expand and modernize key production areas. The measures range from vegetable washing and freezing to packaging. This will enable us to enhance our already high-quality standard, create additional capacities and be significantly more energy-efficient.
This will strengthen our competitive position and enable us to seize new market opportunities. This also opens up new opportunities directly for our supplying farmers.
We are pleased that this investment project is financially supported by the State of Lower Saxony, the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union. Within the framework of the “PFEIL” funding, funds from the “Processing and Marketing of Agricultural Products”-program will be used.


Good by nature
is via our parent company, the Producer wholesale market Langförden in Oldenburg (registered cooperative).

North German vegetables and berries of fresh quality are the competence of our parent company ELO – and have been for over 50 years.
The successful concept is based on the professional, controlled cultivation of vegetables and fruit, innovative production techniques and reliable as well as flexible logistics, coupled with the demand-oriented product policy of a responsible food producer. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and thus ensures the healthy and organic growth of the cooperative.


Pretty cool …
ELO-Frost Standort
…since 1974

The company ELO-FROST is behind our exceptional quality. We have been processing and selling frozen fruit and vegetables since 1974, at that time under the umbrella of our parent company, the Langförden-Oldenburg ELO producer wholesale market. Our success as a subsidiary of ELO-FROST made it possible to build new production buildings according to the most modern requirements in the year 2000.
To this day, our many years of experience and our high demands on our products guarantee the extraordinary ELO-FROST quality.

Strictly controlled cultivation

Our quality management already starts with the cultivation of the raw materials. Our member companies grow their products under the umbrella of the organisation “Integrierter Gemüseanbau Niedersachsen” IGN. The farms are neutrally controlled by the IGN and are additionally accompanied by our employees. The fruit and vegetables from other farmers who supply us are also strictly controlled. The long-standing and personal contacts with the producers ensure a fast and uncomplicated communication. Short distances from harvest to production are absolutely essential because we only process really fresh raw materials.

High-performance production

Thanks to our modern production facilities with two high-performance production lines, we can offer our customers a wide range of frozen fruit and vegetable products. We have retained the flexibility to process both small and large quantities. We are also a reliable partner for contract freezing and co-packing.


We buy our fruit and vegetables primarily from the surrounding area: 85 percent of our raw materials travel less than 20 kilometers to us. But that alone is not enough for us to produce first-class frozen products. The farmers who supply us work according to strict, tested quality guidelines. Thanks to their many years of experience and enthusiasm for their products, they are able to meet the high demands placed on our raw materials. We have been relying on this for years. Long-term supply relationships are important to us because we need reliability, trust and flexibility. This is the only way cultivation, harvesting and further processing can go hand in hand.


Martin Freese, Visbek
Gottfried Gerken, Langförden
Alfons Klaus, Höltinghausen
Frank Kock, Visbek
Arno Ostmann, Visbek
Matthias Reinke, Visbek
Christoph Sieverding, Vestrup
Georg Tapken, Endel
Christoph Wehenpohl, Langförden
Peter Daniels, Hamminkeln-Dingden
Ralf Wehmeier, Lemgo


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